Did I mention one of my friends is stuck on Everest?

It takes a special kind of crazy to include climbing all seven summits as an item on your bucket list.  And his name is Nico Oosthuizen.  I’m posting this because it is the man’s birthday and we had a very brief conversation this morning.  The reception wasn’t as good as one might expect it to be.  The fact that he is closer to the orbiting satellites than any other person I know, didn’t mean anything for the shitty reception.

Nico has already climbed five of the seven summits and then skied to the South pole because he can.  Yes, you are correct in thinking that he must be really bored and has not heard of the Discovery Channel, where a person  can watch other people scale mountains in the comfort (and safety) of a soft chair and a beer.  His expeditions are quite inspirational to the rest of his mates, so far as reaching the point where we are all wishing him well and praying for his safe return. We don’t do cold well.

During our brief conversation today, he talked about the absolute devastation of Kathmandu. Continue reading