Why the Blogger Recognition Award is the coolest thing to happen to me this week.

Most of my weeks sucks because I have to work and it’s been an eternity since my last holiday.  What makes matters worse is that both my kids have finished their final exams of their respective grades and they’re sitting at home doing nothing.  Sorry, that’s technically not true; they’re hanging out with friends around the pool playing pool, getting hooked on PS4 and YouTube crazes, sleeping in…you know keeping busy like teenagers keep busy.

And I have to pay for all of it with blood, sweat and tears.

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It seems lightning does strike twice in the same place.


I’ve been taking part in the #FabFridayPost feature over at Ethan & Evelyn, Family and Lifestyle.  And guess what?

No, I didn’t forget to wear pants to work.  No, I’m not losing hair.  No, I didn’t win the lottery.  This is bigger.

My post, From Nemo to Dory: The Inevitable truth about Alzheimer’s disease has been picked by Sarah over at Kippers and curtains as one of two for their #FabFridayPost.

And that’s kind of a big deal! At least for me.

This post was sort of a tribute to my grandmother who passed away since it was published.  An attempt at shining the light on this dreadful disease.  It remains one of the more serious posts I’ve written since my time at Ah Dad…

Anyhow, go check out her blog and participate, why don’t you.  It’s fun.  Especially if you get mentioned.   All hail Evelyn for hosting another great #FabFridayPost linky party!


It turns out I’m kind of special.  And not the kind that requires pity.  The kind of special that makes you want to sign autographs and yell at the damn incompetent butler of your penthouse that it takes a very specific kind of stupid not to know that one needs to chill the water that they squeezed out of a rock from Mars BEFORE serving it on a bed of dead fairies.

Help, these days…

Getting back to my life of luke-warm tap water and no butler because “You can certainly do that shit for yourself!”, said Mother.

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I’m Batman and This is Why I Write

This was my first guest post! And I’m flattered and honored to be featured on Jenny’s site, Scribbles on Cocktail Napkins. In the words of Yoda: “Super stoked, I am!

J. A. Allen

“I’m Batman”, he said in the deepest voice he could muster, sounding more like a frog croaking to death.w

I’m sorry, I can’t imitate Christian Bale that well.

I’ve been suspected of being The Dark Knight by Jenny over here Scribbles on Napkins because she couldn’t find my true identity. I would have preferred Deadpool because I like to think I’m half as funny as he is. But I’ll take dark and broody. I’m easy… Not cheap! Just easy. Ask my Wife.

Back to the reason why Jenny is now my favourite person-whom-I’ve-never-met. I won an opportunity to write a guest post for her blog.

Being asked to write a guest blog is much more daunting than one would expect.  At least for me.  I can scribble any shenanigans on my own site, Ah Dad for those who were previously uninformed, and not be intimidated by the opinions of the…

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I won! I won! I won!

Third time lucky!

In my spare time…bawahahahahahaa.

Sorry. Sometimes I just crack me up. Spare time?  Being  a parent implies the disappearance of “spare time” just like those lovely, quiet, romantic dinners for two.

What I meant to say was in moments when I do find the time to do other things beyond working, sleeping, training, parenting, husbanding, gardening, watching movies, socializing, travelling, and most importantly, blogging, I experiment with a little flash fiction. Continue reading

Thank you for recognizing my blog

All in a Dad’s Work (catchy isn’t it?) felt the need to give other people homework (I think he’s a teacher) and therefore nominated me with a “Blogger Recognition award”.  I’m eternally grateful for this as I haven’t received any kind of award in a very long time.  It’s unfortunately not the type of award that I can place on the mantel next to my participation in a play, which I received in third grade.  It’s not a physical object. Unless off course you print the image displayed in the content below and put it in a frame.  I just hope he also nominated a few blogs of colour…I certainly don’t want to be in the middle of a whole new #bloggerrecognitionawardsowhite controversy.

Whether that be the case or whether I end up framing it or not, I’m going to run with my nomination.  I like recognition.  Any kind of recognition.  Mainly because we have two teenagers in the house and the Wife and I are becoming more and more invisible every day.

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See my tits Dad!

shocked animated GIF

Yes Captain Kirk, someone went boldly where no-one else did before.

Cat got your tongue?  Or did I just get your attention?

This hilarious/twisted/awkward/weird/incestuous phrase was used by somebody as a search term on the 26th of June 2015 and it re-directed that same sicko to my little piece of the Internet.  And I’m appalled.  And amused. And disgusted.  And intrigued.  What type of person would even want to Google shit like that? Probably the same people who sign on to a Youtube channel where they are showing the removal of pimples and other puss filled skin growths. Continue reading

How Male Pattern Baldness is nothing like Blogging. Or maybe it is.

At least you might still have some hair on your back

At least you might still have some hair on your back

Male pattern baldness will effect up to 70% of men at some point in their lifetime which forces me to thank my father for his genes, thereby placing me in the remaining 30%. (For the moment.) I have what you might call a head that needs hair. Male pattern baldness is nothing like blogging, unless off course you count the times when you pull out tuffs of your own hair whilst staring at the blank screen, who by the way, taunts you like a middle school playground bully. Those moments when you have a desire to write but your head remains a black hole. Continue reading

My secret is out…

Let’s talk affairs…

I’m in a slump of sorts…It’s nothing serious, it is just that there is nothing exciting happening in my blogging life.  Not that I’m ungrateful for every new follower, off course I am.  Maybe my slumpy feeling is of my own doing. I should probably read more, comment more, be more attentive, share my emotions. But it’s really hard especially since WordPress stopped sending me e-mail notifications of new posts of the people I follow. What’s up with that? Now I have to go onto the reader… Aarghhhh.

I decided to spice it up a little. Bring in some much needed va-va-voom to the study or the office or any place where my laptop can go. It’s quite flexible you know.  Continue reading