Laugh with me #14

This would probably go down in history as the most expensive car wash in the history of mankind!

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This man teaches us all a valuable lesson: “Sometimes one should simply leave the windshield wiper where it is.”

Or as Confucius would say: “Don’t fret the small stuff because when you do; you might just be creating bigger stuff to fret about.”


I need to get it off my chest

funny fit motivation #22

Like trying to lift the bar after having a failed attempt at bench press without a spotter.  Just because you’ve added a tad too much weight as a result of feeling much younger than the middle-age you are, only to realise that feeling younger doesn’t necessarily constitutes being younger.  Not like that’s ever happened to me. I’m  just saying one might be pressurised to stretch yourself when all the people around you are so fittin’ buff.

There is this gym I go to.  A lovely airconditioned venue with a pool and machines and everything.  A wonderful place where crazy people like me, choose to put their bodies through all types of torture.  We even pay a monthly membership to be able to do so.  It’s like that place Tom Cruise stumbled  upon in “Eyes wide shut” but without the masks.  And the sex.  And the hot woman.  It’s basically not like that place at all, if only for the excess bodily fluid. Continue reading

Driver’s permit, my @ss.

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I’m not in to cars.  I get into them, for transportation and such, but I’m not IN TO them like I would be in to Italian food, Red wine, Comic books, Great movies, music and the wife.

I don’t consider myself a conventional male, when conventional wisdom confines men as being motorheads who gets off at any discussion of cars.  (I do admit on having huge appreciation for some of the models used in advertising said cars, but that’s another story.)

As far as operation of cars, let’s play the humble card and I’ll say I’m average.   Continue reading