Laugh with me #42

Most of us love our pets. And I’m talking about dogs because cats are condescending.  Dogs fill our lives with joy, love and laughter…most of the time.  Other times they do crazy things and destroy all our precious material belongings.  And our hair.

But can you blame this poor dog for attacking something, he assumed was a squirrel, on his owner’s head?  He was only trying to save her from a lethal attack.


I’m hoping we See Spot Run before she got up…

A final goodbye to our Gay French Poodle

Dogs have a magical ability,  a canine superpower if you like.   They can make a human fall in love with them at first sight. They use various tactics to achieve this.  Sorrowful eyes,  droopy ears,  cuteness or sometimes just being different.


You never knew you were a dog

Pippa was different from the rest of his litter.  With a brown, shiny nose and a hint of beige on an otherwise white body. But it was his calmness in the midst of chaos that struck this family.  He didn’t jump or bark for attention as his siblings did. He just sat quietly in the corner watching us.  And with that innocent stare, he captured every single one of our hearts.  We took him home.

That was ten years ago. Continue reading