It seems lightning does strike twice in the same place.


I’ve been taking part in the #FabFridayPost feature over at Ethan & Evelyn, Family and Lifestyle.  And guess what?

No, I didn’t forget to wear pants to work.  No, I’m not losing hair.  No, I didn’t win the lottery.  This is bigger.

My post, From Nemo to Dory: The Inevitable truth about Alzheimer’s disease has been picked by Sarah over at Kippers and curtains as one of two for their #FabFridayPost.

And that’s kind of a big deal! At least for me.

This post was sort of a tribute to my grandmother who passed away since it was published.  An attempt at shining the light on this dreadful disease.  It remains one of the more serious posts I’ve written since my time at Ah Dad…

Anyhow, go check out her blog and participate, why don’t you.  It’s fun.  Especially if you get mentioned.   All hail Evelyn for hosting another great #FabFridayPost linky party!


It turns out I’m kind of special.  And not the kind that requires pity.  The kind of special that makes you want to sign autographs and yell at the damn incompetent butler of your penthouse that it takes a very specific kind of stupid not to know that one needs to chill the water that they squeezed out of a rock from Mars BEFORE serving it on a bed of dead fairies.

Help, these days…

Getting back to my life of luke-warm tap water and no butler because “You can certainly do that shit for yourself!”, said Mother.

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