I received a Liebster award nomination!

I am doing a little victory dance right now.  Sort of a mix between Gangham style and Rainman…

My first reaction was: Is this really happening?  Am I dreaming?  I would like to thank my agent…OK, so I am getting carried away here… Sorry, I have not been nominated for a lot of things in my life.  This is sort of mind-blowing and I agree with all the losers at the annual Oscars, it is an honour to be nominated!


I would like to thank Shelbur10 for this nomination.  PLEASE go and read her blog, it’s funny, witty and very entertaining.

Here goes my attempt and answering the questions she posed:

1. Beef or chicken.  Why?

I am South African, so we consider chicken a vegetable.  What’s left is beef and lamb.  

2. What is the thing that you’re the most proud of accomplishing?

For suckering my wife into marrying me, and to keep her by my side for the last 16 years.  Yes, I know it’s a cliché, but I love her dammit!

3. Where’s the most interesting place you’ve ever visited, or the place you’d most like to visit?

Interesting bad or interesting good?  Cause I’ve been to both.  I’ll  go for the latter…NEW YORK!  NEW YORK!  It’s an empire state of mind…

4. Do you cook?  Why or why not?

I did mention that I am married, right?  No, I don’t cook, does braai count? 

5. What is your favorite thing you’ve ever written?  Was is received the way you expect and/or hoped?

I specifically enjoyed writing “The first time ever I saw your face”  which is about the birth of my son.  Was the reaction expected, 5 people liked it..Hell ya!

6. Your very favorite pick-me-up song?

First read the question as pick-up song.  “Tonight I’m lovin’ you” by Enrique.  I re-read the question and scrapped the first idea.    Anything from Train or Britney Spears or Bon Jovi or Pink or Linkin Park.  I know…Britney!!  Don’t worry, I have a weekly support group I go to. I immediately fall into a dark hole when I hear Justin Bieber.  What is he; a she-male?

7. Do you opt for convenience or sustainability?  Aka: paper plates or extra dishes to wash?  (ps, there are no wrong answers, cause I do both)

Was about to go to the dictionary, but fortunately she gave the meaning of the words in the question.  Clever girl, read her blog!  I despise washing dishes, so I would go for convenience. 

8. What is one word that you always misspell?

Queie, quee, queue.  That’s it, 3rd time lucky, I think.

9. What is your stance on raisins?  Healthy treat or unwelcome chewy devil?

In the big, empty cosmos that is my mind I have to admit, this topic has not appeared before, until now…  healthy treat.

10. Do you find spontaneity exciting or unsettling?

I write on random things that most people don’t even see.   I travel across the globe and share the house with three hilarious human beings, I have impulsive friends.  I definitely love spontaneity.  (Definitely is another word I can add to question 8 as it is always being corrected by the spell checker)

11. What is your favorite beverage?

Red wine, white wine, red wine, red wine.

Thanks for reading!