Thank you for recognizing my blog

All in a Dad’s Work (catchy isn’t it?) felt the need to give other people homework (I think he’s a teacher) and therefore nominated me with a “Blogger Recognition award”.  I’m eternally grateful for this as I haven’t received any kind of award in a very long time.  It’s unfortunately not the type of award that I can place on the mantel next to my participation in a play, which I received in third grade.  It’s not a physical object. Unless off course you print the image displayed in the content below and put it in a frame.  I just hope he also nominated a few blogs of colour…I certainly don’t want to be in the middle of a whole new #bloggerrecognitionawardsowhite controversy.

Whether that be the case or whether I end up framing it or not, I’m going to run with my nomination.  I like recognition.  Any kind of recognition.  Mainly because we have two teenagers in the house and the Wife and I are becoming more and more invisible every day.

Any reward has rules. Continue reading

How Male Pattern Baldness is nothing like Blogging. Or maybe it is.

At least you might still have some hair on your back

At least you might still have some hair on your back

Male pattern baldness will effect up to 70% of men at some point in their lifetime which forces me to thank my father for his genes, thereby placing me in the remaining 30%. (For the moment.) I have what you might call a head that needs hair. Male pattern baldness is nothing like blogging, unless off course you count the times when you pull out tuffs of your own hair whilst staring at the blank screen, who by the way, taunts you like a middle school playground bully. Those moments when you have a desire to write but your head remains a black hole. Continue reading

Things that blow my mind

My mind is an erratic pendulum.  My posts are a perfect reflection of this reality.  Swinging  between topics, opinions and stories like a slut naked girl on a wrecking ball.  In some cases my mind even attempts making out with a sledgehammer.  Ridiculousness. I’m never 100% sure what the final version of a post will be until I get to the end.

The idea for my musings was born from a desire to capture pieces of me in stories for my kids.  That was then.  Now its sooooo much more.  It is me. Writing.  And that is awesome.

I find myself sitting or lying or walking or working (ok, that doesn’t happen often) or playing; when random ideas pop into my conscious/unconscious mind and I’m driven to write.  Now, I find myself going through life, observing more, feeling more, appreciating more.  Arbitrary things become bursts of inspiration setting of my imagination in a desperate sprint. The only limit is having to type with six fingers, i.e slowly.

With that being said, there are a few things in our world that doesn’t make any sense to me.  Things that’s too strange or advanced or amazing for me to fully comprehend.  Things that blow my mind.  Like… Continue reading

What to do when your mother-in-law starts following your blog.

It happens daily.  E-mail notifications trickling in of more and more people who’s following this blog.  Please, I’m not bragging, as I’m still dumbfounded at any person who decides to click and follow this space in the blogosphere.

We need to thank the gods of blogging (aka WordPress editors) for not sending us e-mail notifications of the ones who unfollow said blog. That would definitely put a huge damper on my creative vibe.  A giant taking a dump on my house.

It’s kind of weird when you recognize an e-mail address of a new follower.  And this one stood out like the aforementioned giant preparing to take the aforementioned dump. The e-mail in question belongs to my mother-in-law…. Continue reading

Happy Birthday Dude.

I know, I’m referring to myself in the third person, which by all accounts would be enough evidence for my wife to have me committed.  She’s always maintained that I look rather dashing in white.   But I’m doing it because I’m cool, I’m special and I love everybody.  And it’s all because of this little notification…with a logo and everything…

You registered on 1 year ago!

Thanks for flying with us. Keep up the good blogging!

So maybe I’m not that special.  Maybe I don’t love everybody, but I know I love at least 331 more people than I did one year ago.  (Has it been one year already?)  Wow, that is the proof I needed to understand that time does indeed fly when you’re having fun.  Most of those 331 people will understand that starting this blog didn’t just change my life, it revamped my soul.  It was an extreme makeover of the mind, and I’ve been screaming “Move that bus” daily.  The fascinating thing is that I’ve been seeing the rooms of my presumed creativity being revealed in the most amazing ways.

We write because we like too.  Sorry, that was blatantly offensive.  We write because we love too.  And I write not expecting anyone to really read the stuff that flood Tsunami-like onto the screen.  I never anticipated the response I received am receiving from the community on this site.  It’s been to say the least, mind-blowing.  Like 40 tons being dropped on the world largest whoopee-cushion.

I am semi-intelligent enough to understand that I’m just another one out of a million other smucks  (and I use this as an endearing term) who’s writing away on a daily/weekly/ad hoc basis, praying for Freshly Pressed, sending our cautionary, edited, entertaining, serious, offensive, inspirational, humorous, opinionated, deep, light-hearted, poetic, creative posts and pics blindly into nothingness.  To only realise later that it’s not an empty abyss, but a treasure chest of the most astonishing writers and photographers.

I would like to thank WordPress for being my platform, my keyboard for being the microphone, and every single person standing in the crowd below, giving me the confidence, not just to keep going on, but cheering me on to become a better writer.

And last but not least.  Thanks to Son and Princess for being my joy and inspiration, who supply my creative steroids in bucket loads to ensure I keep on running.  And then to my wife, my love, my life, my everything….  Thanks for letting me have those countless hours in front of the computer screen, where I was typing away frantically.  Thanks for providing the funny and in so doing; making our home the best place on earth.

Here’s to another year!

Newsflash #4

“When angry, count to four; when very angry, swear.” Mark Twain

While I am typing this I am trying to put my jaw back in it’s original position and then I will get a carpenter to repair the hole in my desk and buy a new keyboard.

I have just confirmed that I got my 50th follower.  Fifty!  Fortunately people cannot see me now, but take my word for it, an almost-40-year-old man being giddy and happy and cheery about people reading his stuff cannot be unseen…  My man state is taking a SERIOUS blow.

Are these milestones suppose to feel this good or is it just me who didn’t receive the right amount of attention when I was a kid? Maybe I am just very insecure and will accept any little thing crossing my path…

Still, I would like to thank each person who bothered to visit my little space on the Internet and then took the plunge and pressed the follow button.  I know some of you did it by accident and now feel too guilty to unfollow, don’t worry your fake love is also appreciated.

I feel like Sally Field when she accepted her Oscar for Places in the heart:  “You like me, you really, really like me!”

This is way too much fun to be legal…