Laugh with me #49

It’s been AGES since I’ve come across a GIF that can feature as part of my collection of funnies.  But don’t you just hate it when the wind is playing pervert?  It’s only happened to my twice.

Unfortunately this is much more of a “Oh my Goodness” moment for this lady compared to the “Ooh la la” one courtesy of Marilyn Monroe.

(My kids would probably have to Google this reference!!)


I’m too sexy for this skirt

Laugh with me #48

I know this is cheating but I’ve been busy.  With work.  Hahahahaha.  I kill me.

I’ve actually been happily tweeting for the last few days and discovered a whole new way of wasting time. I promise, I am working on a decent post for you.

Seeing that I’m sitting at an airport, again, this guy reminds me of me when I travel.  Not so much the falling but the excessive luggage begging for a disaster to happen.


And due to some constraints on certain airlines, I’m also not allowed to take a cooler with me.

Asta la vista babies!!

Laugh with me #41

One of my colleagues is having a really shitty day.  Slamming down the phone, spilling milk all over the counter, missing a meeting…

And we all have them days. When life sucks. When you regret getting out of bed.  When not even good ole’ caffeine can provide a little positive energy into your poor, unfortunate soul.

But here’s proof that we shouldn’t necessarily vocalize our frustration, anxiety and ill-feelings towards Karma.  Because let’s face it, and I don’t mean this in a sexist way…she’s a bitch.


And a funny one too.


Laugh with me #40

The gymnast was ready.  He went through his routine, visualized the tripple-axle-with-a-side-flip-half-nelson-twist and a perfect landing.  He spent hours training for this, his moment of glory. He released an anxious breath and commenced his approach.  He ran like the wind and then…

missed the trampoline thingy…


And landed on his ass with an enormous pain in his chest.

I promise to have pity as soon as I can control myself again.  Sorry Dude.

Laugh with me #39

What defines a bad day at work?  Before you think about it too much, I think this guy would pass that test with flying colors.


I can’t stop laughing.  I’m giggling like a nun driving behind a carrot truck. And that kind of uncontrollable laughter requires an immediate share.

PS – I hope he didn’t hurt himself too badly…getting up so quickly!

Did you know?

Over the last couple of months I’ve been posting a series of funny GIF’s, I call: LAUGH WITH ME.  Because with funny,  I mean they’re funny to me.  It’s all laugh out loud shenanigans captured on video by so-called-friends.

I know some of you don’t read everything I publish, so I decided to post EVERY GIF on a separate page on my blog, under the heading: ALL THE GIF’S YOU NEED.  I even linked to the page so you’re just a click away from some tremendous comic relief.  All  at the expense of others. Because what is funnier than that?

If that page doesn’t put a smile on your face then you need to seek medical attention. Seriously, I’m not kidding.  Or am I?

Remember to keep coming back because that page is updated every so often, which can be roughly translated into: When I get the time to do so…


Laugh with me #27

I sincerely hope that 2015 has treated you better than the jump did to this guy.  Doesn’t this just seem like a perfect example of how most of us feel before the end of the year?


Remember it doesn’t matter how hard you fall or how unprepared you are when it happens, it is all about getting back on that bike again. Once you regain the feeling in your lower limbs off course…

Happy NEW YEAR for 2016!!