Laugh with me #23

One of the best moment in my twisted life is when I see over-confident, douchebags fail.  In anything. I’m not picky.  What makes this clip specifically gratifying for me, is that fact that I am able to see a multiple assholes failing, at the same time!ouch,skateboarding,gif,funny

And to the guy who taped and posted this, please note that you made Christmas come early this year!

Laugh with me #20

This guy must have done something serious for Karma to hit him in the face like this. It’s a full on uppercut.  I reckon he parked in a handicapped spot, took a trolley from an elderly person and then bumped a kid off his feet, as he was rushing into the mall.


He’s obviously not an Avenger.  This is Karma being a bitch, disguised as a lazy-boy.

Final question: Was it black t-shirt and denim day at the mall?

Laugh with me #14

This would probably go down in history as the most expensive car wash in the history of mankind!

gif,cars,car wash,funny,fail nation,g rated

This man teaches us all a valuable lesson: “Sometimes one should simply leave the windshield wiper where it is.”

Or as Confucius would say: “Don’t fret the small stuff because when you do; you might just be creating bigger stuff to fret about.”


Laugh with me #8

Sometimes you just have a bad day.  It happens to everyone.  You say something you shouldn’t have or life gives you a bitch slap across the face or you make a hasty decision and it back fires or blows up in your face.  Literally.  The secret is to fake it ’till you make it.  Get up and move on.

door fail

Here’s to surviving the bad days by laughing at them…Eventually.

(The panel was obviously not made from shatterproof!)

Laugh with me #6

Be careful, you might hurt yours…Too late… *insert shouch*

In the spirit of my second week doing Cross-fit training, I share this poor guy’s predicament, if only for how his body must feel after that fall. It’s also another reason why the Wife never gets on our treadmill.

treadmill fail

Maybe he should consider paying a little more for his fitness equipment.  It clearly illustrate why we shouldn’t believe everything we see on those extended television adds.  You know the ones where they make ordinary people seem totally incapable of using everyday utensils like a butter knife.