Laugh with me #43

My last post was a rant.  It got more attention than I expected and this is supposed to be a humour blog for goodness sake!  I’m flattered nonetheless. It was necessary commentary on the world going to shit.  But I’m better now.

Can we all just agree that life is a series of daily events between coffee and wine?

I reckon this guy migrated to wine quicker than he normally would.


What a waste of a good latte…

Laugh with me #38

If this doesn’t make you smile, nothing on earth will.  Oh and whilst at it, check out the Jedi-registry because I’m sure you’re not on it anymore.  You’ve been taken over by the dark side.  These kids, on the other hand, are Jedi Masters!

Sometimes I also post visuals for the phrase: “Aaaaahhhhhh Dad…”

Laugh with me #37

The one thing all parents understand and accept is that at some point we will carry the blame for being singularly responsible for destroying the lives of our kids.  It’s inevitable. Most of the times we don’t even have to be sinister about it. We just have to say no.

Other times we allow the Joker to shine through and we do stuff on purpose.  I mean who among mortals can resist a prank or two?  Like feeding toddlers lemons or offering sour jelly babies to unsuspecting teenagers.

With that being said, this is a new level of cruelty and the funniest thing I’ve seen all week!


The poor kid will need counselling.

Laugh with me #36

Humans are stupid.  At least some of us.  We continue to injure our ego and our faces by doing senseless, idiotic acts that makes a lot of sense during the planning phase. Why else would someone be holding a camera?  It’s only during the execution phase when the plan does NOT come together and you end up with something less than epic.


Most people might think it’s only guys who sometimes leave their brains at home but evidently this is not the case.

I think this is called extreme planking…with a twist.  She lost the fight with this household appliance because a stove ain’t no-one’s bitch…

Laugh with me #35

I know this is probably very close to cheating when it comes to my blog, but I promise I will return to my normal posting schedule once I get settled into my new responsibility.  Just stick with me for a little while, I beg you.

I’m just a little overloaded with stuff at work.


But just like this poor dude, I will get on top of things no matter what.  Work will never interfere with this blog! At least not indefinitely…

Laugh with me #34

The good news is that I’m not dead.

The bad news is that sometimes work interferes with the more important things of my life like blogging.  Hence my absence from the blogosphere during the last week for which I now offer my sincerest apology.

It was a tough week at work with countless hours spend in a meeting room.  Not to mention the announcement that punched me in the face like a pole…

ouch,gif,sports,pole vault

It was a good punch.  Albeit a huge surprise.  Totally unexpected.  The kind of punch that drains the words from your brain and leaves you warm and fuzzy inside.  The kind of punch that makes you want to hug everyone you see.  The kind of punch you get when they announce your promotion…

Laugh with me #31

When I decide to embark on an adventurous activity, what other people might call a stunt, I employ a rational, logical thought process; prior to execution of said activity.  Maybe it’s because I’m risk-avert or because I’m older but I reckon the main reason would be simply because I’m not stupid.  And the process doesn’t even take that long, it consists of a few quick questions before I make the call of “Yes, let’s dot this!” or “No, are you frigging crazy?”

These questions include non-mindblowing ones like “Will I get hurt?”, “Should I tape this?”, “Would other people consider this to be utterly stupid?”, “Is this normal behavior?”, and then just to be sure, another “Will I get hurt?”

It’s clear that my system is not employed by everyone.


A big ball makes you bounce. Who knew?

I love the slow decent after she hits the wall. I can’t help but yell “TIMBER!”

Laugh with me #30

We’ve all heard the expression “to grab the bull by the horns” but what happened here, I have no words for.  It brings a whole new meaning to the concept of being manhandled. Or maybe it’s the animal version of saying ‘go for it’; just grab the handler by the head.


I cannot stop laughing.  It’s. Just. So. Funny.  It also provides us with a very valuable lesson: Never f*ck with a camel.

Laugh with me #15

It doesn’t matter how cool or invincible you might think you are, at some point you’re destined to become Gravity’s little bi-atch.  Especially if you’re stupid.  Or drunk. Or young.  Or all three.  Case in point.


Fortunately there is always some friend who captures those moments and then share, so that generations hereafter can still crack up at these less than perfect attempts.

The question beckons: “How long did his mates left him hanging?”