I’m the love child of Groot and the Cookie Monster

I’m not kidding.  This is serious stuff.  I’m busy checking my family tree that seemed to be uprooted by the latest splurge of hurricanes ruining countries globally…

I’ve just arrived back from Argentina with a sinus infection so severe, I had to consider my last will and testament based on the lack of sympathy I received from my kids.  Based on their sensitive reaction to my condition they wouldn’t get anything from the minimal stuff I have to give them.  Wife was a bit more concerned, and only because I kept her up at night due to my consistent coughing from my annoying nazal drip. (Form a line ladies…)

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The dark side of a healthy life

Something happen to people who take the plunge into the ocean of healthy living. Besides the fact that most simply  drown and get washed up on the beach of fat and failure, some actually learn to stay afloat. The ones who manage to control some kind of satisfying exercise regime that fits nicely into the niche between a coach potato and marathon runner.  Other freaks turn into really strong ultra swimmers and they end up as poster children for transformation and the power of the human spirit.

For the few of us who stay afloat, it implies we struggle through a daily sacrifice of sleep, in exchange for sweat and perseverance.  Not mentioning stuffing our faces with everything that is far from delicious. Because let’s state the obvious; if it’s worth eating, it’s gonna make you buy a bigger dress size. So we tend to stick with pieces of cardboard infused with green inspired shit salads because we are actually sad human beings desperately seeking attention.   Continue reading

I thought I was giving birth. To dragons.


Heartburn woke up me up in the early hours of yesterday.  Just like the burglars who broke into our house a week before.  (That’s another story)

At first I thought it was my Mother-in-law’s cooking as we had dinner there.  Turned out it wasn’t because my heartburn was so severe there was no way it could be caused by a mortal’s cooking.  It made me think I was able to give birth to fire-breathing reptiles, turning into Phaleesi, the Father of Dragons. Continue reading

For my friend M, the Warrior!

chris and marietha

We love you guys!

The big C. Cancer. Arguably the most dreadful and scariest word in the English language. What am I saying, most probably in any language, even if it doesn’t start with a “C”.

A word that casts a big shadow.  A word that takes your mind to dark places, a word that frightens the soul and holds your heart in a cold, icy grip.  It’s a confrontation with your own mortality.  Like being tied to a chair and having to play chess with the grim reaper.

And it never happens to you…nor to your family…or even to one of your closest friends. It’s always other people. Until the moment when it does… Continue reading

I might be the most miserable person alive

Yesterday was a day I like to forget.  I prefer to imagine my life without it happening at all.  It was a day of recovery from a very bad night, and before you jump to conclusions, it wasn’t “that” kind of night.  If only it was.  I was dehydrated with the worst hangover in living memory, without any of the fun and games (and inevitable regrets) that normally goes along with it.  I suffered from a spell of food poisoning, that, me thinks, was a result of mushroom sauce. No, it wasn’t “that” kind of mushroom sauce; I’m still trying to find a restaurant that will serve me “that” kind. The kind that makes you fly.

I spend most of the evening hugging a white, flushing, very cold, porcelain bowl, retching my lungs out.  Continue reading