Laugh with me #7

Sometimes the best laughs are created by Mother Nature herself as she sits quietly on the side, giggling in anticipation, knowing that a few morons are just about to hurt themselves in the most spectacular fashion. Idiots are everywhere.

Truth be told, I have never believed in evolution to the point where some claim we originate from monkeys, BUT…

logic fail

Watching see no evil, hear no evil and their other stupid friend falling of this branch…I’m beginning to doubt myself.  There’s probably a few apes in a lab somewhere in Sweden, who’s spitting coffee all over their keyboards, laughing at these evolutionary degenerates.

I only have one question: What did they think was going to happen?

It’s raining…a tad too much

Summer is a synonym for fun and sun and all things great.  Warm, lazy days sipping cocktails around the pool and having friends idling on lilo’s.  It is a time to be outside, exposing our skin to free Vitamin D, soaking up our yellow star, turning our awfully bright, white bodies into various shades of healthy tan to third degree burns.  For as the Wife always says: Brown fat looks better than white fat.

Unless of course all of this wondrous activity is hijacked or annihilated by a little annoying necessity, I liked to call, RAIN.  Or Mother’s Earth spite, if you’re that way inclined.

Wow, the rain makes my son younger...

Wow, the rain makes my son younger…

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