Secret revealed: Why Pixar opted for the mind of a girl in “Inside Out”.

The jumping desk light company, Pixar, just released their latest smash called Inside Out.  Even though it was edged out from the Box office’s #1 spot by that ginosaurus dinosaur movie it still racked up an amazing 90 million or so in its opening weekend.  I have not seen the movie, but with a 98% score on the Tomatometer, I definitely intend to.  I just need to take my kids with me otherwise I might look a bit suspect.  (Adult male alone in movie house whilst presumably watching animated movie?) Maybe if I leave me balaclava?

The premise of Inside Out is about the emotions running havoc in the mind of a little girl.  

This intrigued me and resulted in something I don’t do very often, as it’s way too exhausting. It made me think.  Why did the creators of the film decide to use the emotions of a little girl when there are a lot more options they could have explored? Continue reading

Secret revealed: Why Pixar used the mind of a girl for their new movie.

The jumping desklight company, Pixar, is currently busy making another animated movie that occurs inside the mind of a little girl.  It’s called Inside Out and is planned for a 2015 release.  The characters in the movie would be different emotions in the mind of the little girl.  With the voice talent of Amy Poehler as Joy and Lewis Black as Anger it is a unique concept that I would be very keen on seeing.  I am not sure which emotions will be voiced by Neil Patrick Harris and John Lithgow, but it can only get interesting.  You can read what little info I have here and here.

But the whole premise of the movie made me think, to use the words of Brain in his daily conversations with Pinky: “Are you pondering what I’m pondering?”

Yes, I do like to take a time-out once a week and meditate on issues that affects the world we live survive in. Continue reading