I’ve crossed the river

So this is what it feels like to post after hours…

Music has always been a huge part of my life or more importantly our lives. Especially when you consider our glorious union is celebrating twenty years, come November.  It’s therefore kind of obvious that Dude and Princess would also turn out to be lovers of lyric and melody.

I’ve always pride myself in having an open mind.  I consider myself to be a “modern, hip, trendy” kind of dad.  The type of father who often embarrass his kids on purpose with quirky comments and the random use of the word “Dude”.  I am certainly not the type of parent who would refuse to listen to the music my kids find entertaining. I enjoy some modern bands. Some of the time.

But with the risk of being exposed to maniacs like Kanye, Miley Cyrus and Justin Bieber who are also selling records; I deserve a medal for keeping an open mind on this battlefield of popular music. Maybe even a bag of them. Continue reading

Ah Dad, a Dude @ Da Concert in Durban.

It’s no secret I love the Script.  I mean I really, really, really do.  The Wife understands.  My friends understand.  Dude has known all along.  He is also a fan, but I’m not sure he would use the word love in the same context as I do.  But if love implies devotion, admiration, loyalty, support and paying someone to spend time with them, well then I love them.

Why are we waiting!  Why are we waiting!

Why are we waiting! Why are we waiting!

The Script kicked off their latest world tour in sunny South Africa.  They played in Jo’burg, Durban and Cape Town over the past weekend.  Tickets for the Durban show moved faster than the food at a lunch buffet at the opening of parliament.  I got two of those.  For the Dude and I. Continue reading

Superheroes – The real ones!

Shit, shit, shit…sometimes words evade me, but The Script is one amazing band!  Hence a triplicate of bad words that has all the good intentions of Mother Theresa.

I’m totally obsessed with Danny and the gang, and in a good way I mean.  I’m not going to stalk them or anything.  If I was a girl or if I was younger or if I was slightly less responsible, maybe then I would have been a groupie.

And here is their latest single, and it’s truly, inspirational sh!t.  Continue reading

aWishaWeek #6 – Go beyond the sixth degree

First off, if you see the parental warning before the clip starts playing, it only implies that a few f-bombs will be dropped during the song.  Don’t get your knickers in a twist, P!nk drops more F-bombs in the first verse of some of her songs than these guys do on their whole album!  And we love her.

My latest wish for them little ones running around in our house is about relationships that doesn’t work out.  The Script has done an excellent job in portraying those feelings EVERY human have gone through when a relationship goes sour.  Continue reading