What I miss the most 

Travelling is part of my life like the hump on that cartoon character from Notre dame. It’s uncomfortable but probably makes me more interesting. I think…

Getting to the end of the year, this hump of mine is becoming a life crushing burden.  I hate carting the damn thing around everywhere.  And I’m not referring to the hump, I’m referring to the fucking suitcase. Focus.

I hate slugging it around as if my life depends on it. Continue reading

5 Things that can ruin International travel

1. If you need a visa and the time it takes to issue one by the country you want to visit takes longer than expected causing a rerouting of the entire trip.

2. Being informed that your connecting flight is cancelled due to a strike in some civilized nation, which is coincidently the airline you chose because of that perfect connection.

3. When you find an alternative routing of the said cancelled flight, but the additonal flight is on an airline you will never want to fly with again. Your trip just got six hours longer. Congratulations.

4. Not receiving the boarding tickets for the new routing as the striking country does not have the offices of the newly assigned airline in the terminal building. You have to clear customs and wait in a whole new set of queues just to get back into the terminal.

5. And lastly when your luggage didn’t make it on the final rerouted flight and you have to wait for another two hours for it to arrive on the next flight.

And then I had another 1.5 hours by car which implies that I clocked 31 hours of travel. What can you do? Smile and drink beer.

I don’t have any real reason to complain…I am in Spain after all…

And here the rain falls mainly on the plain.

Laugh with me #35

I know this is probably very close to cheating when it comes to my blog, but I promise I will return to my normal posting schedule once I get settled into my new responsibility.  Just stick with me for a little while, I beg you.

I’m just a little overloaded with stuff at work.


But just like this poor dude, I will get on top of things no matter what.  Work will never interfere with this blog! At least not indefinitely…

To beard or not to beard

Even if I could, I'm not sure if I would...

Even if I could, I’m not sure if I would…

I see people when I travel to far and distant lands. Lots and lots of different people from all walks of life.  Thick ones, thin ones, tall ones and short ones. Black and white, gay and straight.  And none of them are dead.  Because I cannot see dead people.  In my observations I have noticed a growing trend.  Beards are back.  Mostly on men.  No longer does a furry face imply that you’re homeless. Or Santa Clause.  Hair is now gracing the jaws of frat boys, artists, sportsmen and even a cross dresser or two. Continue reading

Put that on a T-shirt.

This much I know… I am forty-one years young.  I have an amazing wife.  I am a semi-successful father of two teenagers, Dude and Princess.  And I have traveled to 34 countries over the course of nine years.

Moral of the story?  I’ve seen some shit. Or two.  Maybe even heaps.

In most of the countries I visit, one will find a stall/shop/vendor who sells T-shirts.  A genius who copied the clever idea of putting catchy phrases on cheap Chinese manufactured shirts and selling them at the price of a small car.  And we buy it and we wear it with pride, for nothing is as funny as a funny t-shirt.  I’ve had my share of waiting for stuff to happen and in those voids of nothing happening I’ve come up with a few slogans that might work on a shirt.  Things I want people to know without having to say it to their face.  Because sometimes I just want to be left alone.  Besides I have a million things to share. Continue reading

8 Cities, 11 Days (Prelude)

I was hoping to have more time and write a spectacular post as a preview to my next adventure.  Unfortunately time didn’t do me any favours.  And unlike Matthew in that awfully confusing movie, Interstellar, I don’t stay the same age as days go by.  I only have so much time allocated in the daily 8 hours of work, and sometimes, just sometimes, blogging needs to take a back seat.

I was extremely busy, putting together my itinerary for an unplanned trip.  Or in layman’s terms, I was putting together a ridiculous travel schedule, organising plane tickets that probably makes me the most hated human being in the eyes of my travel agent, planning awkward meeting dates and corresponding hotel bookings, with that inevitable car rental. Continue reading

I attended a Ghananean wedding

That’s a lie.  I actually did not.  My beer accomplice and I was killing time, waiting to get to the airport and expose my fragile mind to the boarding procedures of a plane to Senegal.  As if Ghana wasn’t exciting enough.  The wedding in question took place at the hotel where I stayed, right next to the pool area, in full view of all the foreigners who was lounging around amidst certain health scares of the region.

Wedding guests arrived, erratically.  It was impossible to guess when the actual ceremony was suppose to start. Citizens of Ghana are not notorious for excellent time management.  At first I thought they moved the Oscar ceremony to Accra.  For I’ve never seen that much sequins and sparkle on that many bodies since…well ever.  I’m a guy so I don’t keep track.  I do know that the red carpet at the Academy Awards should just bow out in shame.  As for Joan Rivers, well she would have an orgasm, if she was able to comment on the things I saw.

Like any wedding reception you would have the usual suspects.  The lady who wore the flying saucer on her head and the guy who look like the love child of a penguin and a pirate captain due to a seriously ill-fitting tux. Continue reading