To my soulmate, on her birthday

The lucky ones among us get to meet people on this journey through life that leaves a lasting impression.  Like a great tattoo.  They inspire and change you.  People who walk in and accepts you for who you are, with all your flaws, warts, shenanigans, bad habits and everything else that makes you human.  The kind of person who makes you want to be better at being you.

And if you’re really, really, really fortunate, you get to marry that person.

My love, it’s been 23 years since we’ve met and look how far we’ve come on this journey of forever together.  Your birthday is just another simple reminder of how blessed we are for having you in our lives. Continue reading

What I miss the most 

Travelling is part of my life like the hump on that cartoon character from Notre dame. It’s uncomfortable but probably makes me more interesting. I think…

Getting to the end of the year, this hump of mine is becoming a life crushing burden.  I hate carting the damn thing around everywhere.  And I’m not referring to the hump, I’m referring to the fucking suitcase. Focus.

I hate slugging it around as if my life depends on it. Continue reading


A long, long time ago in an era where poking friends implied a sexual activity and not something you do with fake friends on a social platform.  Or when twitter was the sound made by a sick bird and not something I could waste several hours on, there was a skinny squire with mousy hair and a stunning personality.  He was invited to a ball and at some point during the festivities he saw her sitting in the kitchen, watching a magical talking bird.  He politely asked if he could join her because his parents didn’t raise an ape.  She blushed and agreed, so he sat down eagerly and over the course of an hour, she stole his heart.  And has never bothered to return it to him.


a flower for an angel

Everybody in the land was joyous and happy when they announced their plans to exchange vows two years later.  He looked semi-dashing in a green blazer and she looked fucking amazing in an exquisite white wedding dress, as she waltzed down the isle.  He was (and still is) flabbergasted. Continue reading

She’s Forty.

Life is taking over my ability to blog.  Maybe I shouldn’t just blame life.  Things like work, travel and a damn MBA also gets in the way of writing.  Lots of shit is happening, leaving me with scraps of time to do important things, like blogging.

My time for blogging is merely breadcrumbs left behind after the rest of my life had their picnic.  And how am I’m supposed to survive on breadcrumbs alone?  I’m starving over here.  Neglecting my writing, reading and commenting obligations.

There comes a time when every man has to grow a pair, then take time by the short and curlies and throw it out the door.  A moment where you have to take back the control and find a moment to do the things you really love.  Like writing.

Anyhow, enough about me. Continue reading

I thought I was giving birth. To dragons.


Heartburn woke up me up in the early hours of yesterday.  Just like the burglars who broke into our house a week before.  (That’s another story)

At first I thought it was my Mother-in-law’s cooking as we had dinner there.  Turned out it wasn’t because my heartburn was so severe there was no way it could be caused by a mortal’s cooking.  It made me think I was able to give birth to fire-breathing reptiles, turning into Phaleesi, the Father of Dragons. Continue reading

How to ruin National Woman’s Day


I’m proof this theory works

South Africa celebrates Woman’s day on 09 August every year. One might wonder why women requires such a special, annual day?  And if one is stupid enough to ask that question in the presence of said women, one might get a reply such as: “Because men gets a special day, everyday.”

I would argue this statement, if I didn’t ruin Woman’s day. In my defense, it wasn’t done on purpose. I usually don’t indulge in self-sabotage when it comes to the opposite sex.  I consider myself in tune to the needs of those who run the world.  At least most of the time. Continue reading

Breaking your arse and other realities of the South African judicial system


People with confused expressions were lining the hallways.  All of them sitting on the hardest bench in the history of mankind, waiting. Waiting to die, waiting to live, waiting for an absolution that would never come… (Sorry, I watched Titanic last week.) In reality it was nothing that dramatic, they were all just waiting for their turn in the witness stand, ready to condemn another criminal to a few months in prison.

Which is why the Wife and I were spending the day surrounded by cops and robbers. Continue reading

And the most amazing person on the planet is…

Humanity has a knack for celebrating greatness. We love heroes.  We like to honour men and women who are able to transcend their existence on this spinning blue ball and achieve a persona of some semi-celestial beings. Like angels and saints and saviors.

We glorify them with awards, honorary degrees and street names.  In some countries they bow before the queen and after she hits them with a sword on the shoulder, they’re called “sir”.  In other countries where democracy has been adopted for a century or two, a medal is pinned to their lapel after they’ve shaken hands with the president.  We simply adore people who inspire us, people who make us believe in the potential of the human race.  People who provide us with a glimmer of hope in the darkest of days.  Those few who rise to the occasion when the occasion warrants us to rise. Continue reading

For my love, my wife.


Before I start, I have to warn my regular readers of what will follow, especially if you’re a guy.  It’s gonna get soppy.  The cheeziness and emotional outpour will fill your screen and spill out in one big, slobbering mess, jamming your keyboard.  The single men will be sick, and the married men will hate me and then most probably puke.  Because this is another post for my wife.

It’s for the one person God arranged for me to meet so she could be my anchor, my own little reality check.  For the one who gives me a fundamental understanding of how great life is every time I wake up in bed, next to her.  For the one with the amazing blue-grey eyes that shine with the perfect blend of tenderness, kindness, humour and opinion.  For the one who curls up her nose when she giggles, and end up closing her eyes when it morphs into a full-blown belly laugh.

For the one who falls asleep on my lap, who prepares my favourite meal at least once a week. For the one with so much style and grace that it belongs in a magazine. For having the beauty and compassion that weakens my knees and melts my heart.  For knowing me in ways that I myself do not.  For highlighting my flaws, making me contemplate and improve the areas of my life that requires attention.  For making me smile every time I think of her.  For being funnier than I ever hope to be.

For making me look good in everything I do, for the constant support, for cheering me on from behind the curtain. For being my biggest fan. My own personal tonic. The one who does not only give me wings, but sustain the wind beneath them.

For the one who is connected to the moods and needs of my children, to the point of me thinking it’s a superpower.   For being the most caring mother I have yet to meet.   For taking the time to listen to each and every story each of us has to tell and for being genuinely interested in our frustrations and successes. For the one who does not just decorate our home, but creates a haven, a place of sanity, our sanctuary.  For your bottomless pit of empathy and joy. For being our centre, our pillar of love, our secretary of sanity in a house full of nuts.

For making us believe that the only thing you need is the three of us.

I am writing this for the woman I fall in love with every day, for the wonderful being that made me the happiest man alive, going on 17 years ago. Who still astonishes me daily with her wisdom, wit and compassion. For being the perfect, loving, best friend I could ever imagine to meet, nevertheless marry, my soul partner for life.

It is my honour to post this for my exquisite wife.