aWishaWeek #2: Working for free

It’s my second wish in my new series of aWishAweek where I bestow random things on my kids that will hopefully make them a better version of me themselves once they reach adulthood.aWishaWeek

First of all it has to be said that when my son finds the topic of this blog, he would probably end up with serious heart palpitations.  I am convinced he will have me committed, but here’s hoping that he continue reading.  It’s not as bad as it sounds.

My second wish is that both of you will end up in a career that you enjoy so much that you would be prepared to do it for free.  Doesn’t matter what.  If the fundamentals of joy, satisfaction and gratification exist in your chosen career  the fact that you’ll earn a salary will be a bonus.  I wish you find a job that makes you whistle every morning when you get ready to start your day.  It must challenge, stimulate and provide proof that we can all really make the world a better place.  It should bring meaning to every single day.

And when you have your retirement function, I hope that you may sound like an Oscar winner, when you thank the world and its wife, then admit that you would have done this for free, cause you loved it so much.

To put pictures to my words.  You need to find a job that puts a smile on your face and a sparkle in your eye.  Like this lady…


Ok, maybe with better hair…

For the flip side would be this picture, which is actually the last photo taken for my access card.  (I was force to redo it twice.)


I looked like this until I met your Mother.

Why is this wish so important?  Well. Your job will be something you will end up doing for the REST OF YOUR LIFE.  And you’ll have to work, or marry rich, to end up balancing mortgage, cars, fuel, food, school fees, clothes and vacations.  You know all those wondrous things we adults deal with every day.  Those things that make me skip and giggle,  once I finish the bottle of red wine.

Just note that it might not be a good decision to sit in an interview and inform your prospective employer of the fact that you are willing to work without compensation.  This will imply minimum wage and you’ll be tied to a table and screwed so hard…. Wait this is a child friendly post.  Almost like Nike: Just DON’T do it.

Bottom line:  Dad wishes that you end up in a career that will light the flame of passion and keep it burning for ever and ever, or at least until you retire.

So my pride and joy, see you both next week for wish #3.

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