40 Lessons after 40 years

How the hell can I!!!!

How the hell can I!!!!

My mental preparation involved sessions where I had to convince myself that once I turned forty, I’m wasn’t going to keel over and die, or have my mind lost in an abyss of dementia.  (That happens later, around 43.)  It’s not a disease, its just another birthday, something that taunts us once a year and nothing to be scared about.  So “Get a fucking grip, and stop whining like a little girl.” Some tough love was required in a few of those sessions.

I reached the point where the 40 was a milestone.  One, where twenty-something guys call you sir, but a milestone nevertheless.  I’ve reached a point where I can stop, turn around and face my past, before swinging around and charging into the future, like some deranged Spartan warrior without a loin cloth.  And as I’m standing on shaky feet, facing the ghosts of life past, I realised I might have learned a few things along the way.

This is me, in the spirit of turning 40, bestowing snippets of wisdom/ lessons learned/skills acquired onto my children/readers/followers.  One for every year I spent on this spinning blue ball.

And for your convenience I’ve listed them below:

From # 1-5

From # 6-10

From  # 11-15

From # 16-20

From # 21-25

From # 26-30

From # 31-40

So there it is, THIS IS 40, all done and dusted.  (Better late than never.)  The forty lessons I’ve learned in my life, thus far.  I’m just glad that I’m not fifty for I’m freshly out of any more advise.  Arriving at the end of these series of posts and pressing the publish button creates a bit of unexpected nostalgia.  Alas turning 40 is yesterday’s news…


9 thoughts on “40 Lessons after 40 years

  1. It’s a blessing to reach fourty. Some don’t make it out of their teens. I was telling my mother just the other day, when I get older, I want all white hair. She thinks I’m nuts. She says getting older is for the dogs. Currently I’m thirty and white hair is starting to grow in. I think it’s great. Any who, you’re just fine at your age. Besides most older men have a certain something that the younger men don’t. Have a great day.


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