10 things about Oscar

1. If the girls of Dallas Buyers Club deserved an Oscar for their hair and make-up why didn’t they do something about Jared Leto’s hair?  I know he’s a rocker, but clean hair never killed anyone.

2. Ellen was great in the beginning but ended up becoming filler entertainment as the night progressed.  I get it, the show needs to be three hours.

3. Amy Adams is hot.  So is Angelina Jolie. Nuff said.

4. Did anyone else feel sorry for Sandra Bullock?  I mean the poor girl got so much recognition from the techies in their speeches and then she ends up missing out on the big one.  Even though I do feel Cate was more deserving.  Oh and Sandy’s hot too.

5. And what about all those speeches!  Kudo’s to you guys.  Inspirational shit.  Especially the Lopez couple and Matthew and the Kenyan girl.

6. Bill Murray must be the coolest person on earth.

7. That Menzel chick surely has some pipes.  Just a pity John Travolta screwed up her name in the intro!  P!ink singing in that ruby slipper dress, AMAZING!  Yes, she’s hot too, I love her.  Like pizza.  Darlene Love, belting out on her acceptance speech, stuff of legend!  But what went wrong with Bette Midler?  I had to remind myself this was actually NOT a cover.

8. U2 is overrated.

9. Kim Novak?  WTF?  Poster child for plastic surgery and my latest nightmare.

10. And finally Julia, Ellen wasn’t THAT funny.

All in all a very entertaining evening, except for the Novak girl…shivers!

And in some other serious Oscar news doing the rounds…

  • Why did he shoot four times if he panicked?  Doesn’t a gun hold six rounds?  Why did he stop?  
  • Why didn’t he notice Reeva was not in bed when he got up?
  • Why would any self respecting burglar hide in the bathroom?
  • Why would he go towards the intruder instead of getting his girlfriend out of the house?
  • Why was he watching porn on his phone with a girl like Reeva in his bedroom?
  • Why did this have to happen to someone who is idolised by millions?
  • Why does he have another girlfriend in the midst of his court case?
  • Why do I think he’s guilty?
  • Who will walk out the victor?  Money or justice?

Let’s remember that the tragedy is not the fall of a hero, but the death of a beautiful young woman in her prime.   My heart goes out to both families who has to live through this court case, that is definitely going to drag on for a very long time…

6 thoughts on “10 things about Oscar

  1. I didn’t watch it. Let me rephrase that: I couldn’t watch it. My TV blew up in a thunder/lightning storm 12 months ago, and on $251 a week I can’t afford to get another! However, having said that, I’ve not only lost a life, I think I might have lost the right to comment. LOL! I can still follow the wise comments of “friends” however


    • I must agree, the second one is sad, but it’s literally the only thing that seems to be happening in South Africa at the moment.

      Even our corrupt politicians has taken a rest for now…


  2. Totally with you on Sandra Bullock;)…and I must admit that Angelina Jolie indeed is very hot (coming from a gay guy, but I can sometimes look at her and admire how beautiful she looks)


    • Well any human can. I consider her one of the reason why Aliens has not obliterated our planet yet. They probably understand that there’s hotness to be found on this little blue ball.


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