Princess shines like a diamond.

It’s my little girl’s 16th birthday today and I’m freaking out. Not only do I have to cope with Dude leaving the house at the end of the year but I’m also faced with Princess who is becoming an amazing young woman, a diamond if you will. Unique, beautiful, rare and priceless. I would understand if other parents also consider their kids to be amazing and what not but here’s the thing, they would be wrong. Here are a few reasons why:

Thanks to Wikipedia I’ve learned that the Ancient Greek word for diamond means unbreakable, which is also a pretty accurate description of my daughter’s spirit. Don’t get me wrong, bad things happen to everyone but she has the amazing ability to work through it and then pick herself up, she learns from the experience. She talks about it, deals with it and then move on with another set of skills in her backpack.

Diamonds are extremely rare, just like Princess, and not like one-in-milion kind of rare but more like the-only-one-ever-created kind of rare. To say she is precious, would be like saying Adam Sandler makes bad movies, which as we all know is the understatement of the century. (And yes I had to reference him.)

Diamonds are one of the hardest materials known to man and has many applications, other than simply looking pretty. Few people would argue about the beauty of my daughter and those who would try might have to sleep with one eye open because I am prepared to stalk you. But she is more than beautiful My gorgeous not-so-little princess is also as tough and intelligent as they come. Not compromising on her beliefs or scared to share her views, even if she’s the only one in the room.

Diamonds have a high dispersion of light and her soul shines like a diamond. An internal goodness, beauty and a rock solid belief system that can launch a thousand ships. It’s a light that shines so bright out of her blue eyes, it evaporate shadows.

The shaping of a rough diamond is an art and the better the artist, the higher the value of thefinal product. We are fortunate to have a daughter who understands that the Lord is her artist, the One who shape and cut and form her to be the best version of herself. And she embraces that process with vigour. She loves the Lord and that is a gift money cannot buy.

The Hindi word for diamond is ‘Agira’ which means fire and that would also be an accurate description of how she approaches everything in life. She doesn’t waste time, she attacks life and burns it with enthusiasm. She lights up our lives with a simple smile and has a boisterous laugh that makes you forget about any problem you might be facing at the time.

I can go on and on and on but then you might think I’m bragging. The point is, she turned 16 and she’s amazing and she’s our Princess who we love more than words can describe.

I pray that she finds someone someday that will treat her like the precious and rare diamond she is. And if he doesn’t, I’m simply going to have to cut of his head with a blunt knife and put it on a stake in front of my house.

8 thoughts on “Princess shines like a diamond.

  1. My daughter is like yours. Not only is she beautiful, she’s intelligent enough that few of the boys she dated in high school could match her. It intimidated them. Now, my girl is 22, a college graduate and bold enough to take a job teaching overseas (Turkey).

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