This song is the inspiration for my first wish.  The message piped out by the amazing voices of Labyrinth and Emile Sande is that some people built walls to protect themselves.  People wear masks to hide their true identity from others.  People act in a certain way, using it as a cover up for the hurt or pain or insecurity they might have dwelling within.

The singer acknowledges the wall and the mask and still insists on finding the true person, going beyond the act to explore the beauty that’s hidden beneath all the layers of crap people put on and surround themselves with.  It is a truly moving song, which I’m sure anyone with half a soul will enjoy.

Some phrases stuck in my heart like a cowboy in quicksand.


“You’ve carried on so long,
You couldn’t stop if you tried it.
You’ve built your wall so high
That no one could climb it,
But I’m gonna try.”


“You let all the girls go
Makes you feel good, don’t it?
Behind your Broadway show
I heard a boy say, ‘Please, don’t hurt me'”

But the chorus blows me away, every time…

“Would you let me see beneath your beautiful?
Would you let me see beneath your perfect?
Take it off now, girl, take it off now, girl
I wanna see inside
Would you let me see beneath your beautiful tonight?”

I understand that my kids will experience the agony as a result of things other people might do to them.  Their hearts will be crushed by love lost.  I accept that.aWishaWeek

My wish is that when they suffer from a broken heart, that they will not give up hope and get back on that friggin horse.  Your heart will heal and you will learn so much about yourself in the process of recovery.  Don’t hide away in a castle with high walls, or jump on a stage with an elaborate mask.  For finding someone whom you can share your life with is the most amazing thing to ever happen to human beings.  Ask any Emperor Penguin.

I also wish that my children become human beings that will live the words of the song.  Humans that has the ability to venture into the murky waters of other people and find the sparkling jewel that each and every single person on earth has.  Some of those diamonds might just be hidden deeper in some.  Remember kids, the most sparkling jewels are always the most difficult to find.

aWishaWeek #1 – Beneath your beautiful

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