A fanboy? Me? No…

Princess called me a fanboy. At forty-two?  Me, a father of two teenagers?  That’s absolutely preposterous!

So what if I have Deadpool as wallpaper on my laptop and mobile phone? The movie was frigging awesome.

So what if I own a collection of marvel lead figurines? It’s lead and it’s the full collection. I don’t do stuff half-assed.


Mine is even bigger.

So what if I own a superhero t-shirt?  Or three?  They were gifts. Well, one of them was.

So what if I have paintings/photo’s of heroes on my wall?  They’re all framed.

So what if I quote Deadpool in daily conversation?  It’s funny and sometimes “Daddy needs to express some rage…”

Young people consume alcohol for one reason only and that is to get drunk. It doesn’t matter what they tell you.  They’re lying.  They also don’t bother to ask where the source of alcohol comes from.  It might be a six-pack of expired beer, wine from a bag or spirits drained through a loaf of bread.  As long as it kicks, it goes.

As you grow older you learn to respect alcohol a little more.  If only for the fact that you fear hangover more than death.  You understand how spiteful a liver can become if you abuse it. It’s going to be pissed off and then convince your head to elope and leave an empty banging bongo-drum in it’s wake.  You learn to consume alcohol with moderation and care.  At least most of the time.  You turn into a connoisseur, a person who’s basically a snob with very particular preferences of which wines or whiskies you allow in your mouth.

The same goes for superheroes. ( But not the “allow in your mouth” part.)

As a kid you bought comics because it had pictures. And fewer words than most other books.  You got hooked on the adventures of certain heroes because of their specific powers or their costumes.  Female heroes were a bonus because most of them had boobs. The nuances, personalities and humour of specific characters didn’t matter to you.

You didn’t consider Batman to be dark and broody, a tragic character with a tortured soul.   You just knew he worked in black and sometimes in very dark grey.  Or that Captain America is a righteous man who only fights for the American way of life. You only knew he had an awesome shield.

As you grow older you come to respect the art of breathing life into characters. Irrespective of the medium that writers use to do so.  You appreciate the process of creating someone unique, a character with depth and personality.  Someone that readers will relate to and hopefully, learn to love.  Or love to hate.  And I believe it to be much more challenging in an overstocked gallery of superheroes.  This makes Stan Lee an undisputed genius in my humble opinion.

Deadpool is unique, if only for his sense of humour and the fact that he breaks the fourth wall. (and a few R-rated movie records as well!)  He’s the only character that knows he is in a comic book.  His quirkiness transcends not only his own story line, but the entire Marvel universe.  And he’s damn funny.


Maybe in the minds of most people I’m only a fan boy; but I do consider myself to be a SUPERHERO CONNOISSEUR.  And a proud one too!

13 thoughts on “A fanboy? Me? No…

  1. How lucky you are that you were born after the time when you could put real lead figurines in your mouth. When I was a kid we never had figurines…. 😦 I read the Tintin books without figurines. And the Donald Duck stuff. And read them only at my aunt’s place in secret because we were not allowed such trash at my place. Disney was banned.

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