Diary of a suitcase.

I travel often. Have done so for more than 6 years.  It is part of my job. Most of my friends envy this fact.  The wife not so much.

I am always pestered about what’s it like, or what did I see, are the women attractive?  I take a lot of pictures to try to convey the emotion, but as I travel on my own, most of the photo’s does not include me.  I don’t really seem to grab the attention of my friends and family for more than two hours at a time.  Nice hey?  I mean wouldn’t you want to see 130 photo’s of Papua New Guinea’s countryside?

So I started another page on my blog, (Hint: Topic of my post), to keep track of my experiences, random thoughts and photo’s.  I am off today for my first trip of 2o13, and thus decided there is no time like the present.

So if you’re interested in more ramblings from me about travelling, hop over to my blog and click on the page with the heading “Diary of a suitcase.” (My kids told me that is how you speak Internet…) I pondered on “Diary of a nutcase” for awhile, but decided that the chosen one has a better ring to it.  Besides those close to me has already had more than enough of that experience, and this one my kids may actually want to read someday.

Feel free if you have questions/comments/suggestions about the places I visit.  Maybe in future  I might even write something down from memory.

Well off to Saudi Arabia.  Bon voyage.

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