And the funniest thing happened on the way to the loo

Sorry, I recently read that a great title will get you more readers.  I’m trying this now, even though it has absolutely nothing to do with the content of my post.  I have however been part of this amazing community for a few months now and just like my cocaine habit, which I never had, I get my daily fix from great writers I randomly stumble upon.

As I try to be funny, and in most cases I’m probably not, I get inspiration from real comedians/creatures/desperados/writers who gives me the ability to blast coffee through my nose like some fledgling dragon, make me choke on ham-and-tomato sandwiches so often that I was forced to learn how to do a self-inflicted Heimlich manoeuvre and save my own life and just generally make me burst out in loud hysterics so everyone around me stares unabashed with genuine concern.  (Well, to be honest, people have always looked at me that way.)

It frightens me to think that there are readers roaming this site aimlessly, searching for a smile and there is a chance, a slim, sad reality, that they would never come across some of the funniest writers I have never met.  Allow me to help you; again.  Here’s a short list of blogs that crack me up leaving me lying in a useless heap of giddiness,  who makes me think about things and have the ability to use their own randomness to make me want to be a better writer.  They publish stories that I gobble up like the last Double-Quarter-Pounder-and-Cheese before vegetarians take over the world.  Go and check them out, (if you haven’t already).  You’ll be sorry you did.

Ned’s blog @

Blurt @

Brainrants @

Becky Says Things @

Missus V @

Mollytopia @

The Official How to Blog @

A Hundred Authors @

Jogging Dad @

Christopher de Voss @

A Story a Day @

I will update this list as I explore a little more…

19 thoughts on “And the funniest thing happened on the way to the loo

  1. Thanks for including me on the list of discoveries. I appreciate it. It’s a funny thing titles given to postings. I also tried trying to use catchy/catching titles. There seemed to be no logic in how many looked at the posting. The same for days of the week. It’s just up and down like a … Thanks again.


  2. I hope you know that you just made my day. There’ s one thing missing on this list though. Ah dad should have been up there too because I really think he is hilarious in a very effortless manner. Not that I’m judging your criteria 😉

    I love Ned, Christopher and Jogging dad! So to be included in the list up there with them is truly an honor. Salamat!


  3. That’s so very kind of you sir! It’s ironic though that I’m merely sharing my trials and tribulations of being a jogger and a dad, and yet some people find that funny. You, however, you are genuinely funny, as in witty funny. Me, I’m more like Will Ferrell, dumb kind of funny! Thanks for the mention!


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