Date night is not what it used to be.


This image was borrowed from because I googled “date night” and then searched for images and found this really cool pic because I love superheroes and shit and now I have to give credit to the site because I don’t want to get arrested for copyright infringement.

Princess was on a boat cruise over the weekend as part of a school tour for the top academic achievers of each grade.  She obviously takes after me… Seeing that it was our twenty-first wedding anniversary last Thursday, I knew this weekend had serious potential for a date night.  I just needed to get rid of Dude.  Which is extremely easy to do.  One only needs to move the PlayStation console and plug it into a different monitor at the venue you want him to move to.  Like a friend’s house.

And yes I brought flowers because after twenty-one years chivalry and romance is not dead, it only needs a kick in the butt every now and then.

Friday night arrived and we were home alone…

I had a dream.  A dream of a wonderful night. Just like when we were young.  We’ll drink.  (Technically I’l drink because I married my designated driver.) We’ll laugh. We’ll go to a restaurant that requires a booking and high heels.  A place where the price of a glass of wine equals three bottles in the store.  We’ll celebrate our love.  We’ll hold hands and get lost in the nostalgia of our lives.  We’ll celebrate not having kids around.  We’ll go to a movie and maybe find a place to dance until the sun comes up. We’ll go out and paint the town in every shade of red we can lay our hands on. We’ll remember this night for the rest of our lives.

But like most dreams, reality is kind of exactly the opposite of the dream.

Wife and I discussed the possibility of going to some fancy restaurant where the food is stacked 3 meters high on a square plate, decorated with beetroot and kale garnish. OR going to our favourite family steakhouse because we know the food is excellent.  And the wine is cheap.  Besides we were still lounging around after our afternoon nap because we’ve reached the age where you wake up and immediately calculate the amount of hours you need to spend awake before you can sleep again.  We opted for the steak.

At the restaurant we got a table for two which seemed kind of small but we simply nodded at the waitress as we ordered what we always order from the menu and held hands.  We clinked glasses and celebrated our love and reminisced about the first time we met and our wonderful life together.  About seven minutes later the conversation turned to Princess on her cruise and Dude at the friend’s house.  We were speculating what they were doing and got slightly depressed as this was a reminder of what life was waiting for us once the kids learn to fly and leave the nest for good. We finished our meals and skipped desert because we had steak.

We know the owner, so I dropped a not-so-subtle hint about our anniversary and were awarded for my effort with a bottle of champagne that we didn’t want to drink because I already had two glasses of wine.  And our steak was done.

We agreed that the weather was kind of iffy and it would be much better to change into our pj’s and snuggle under a blanket with a movie on demand.  We were excited about the prospect of getting home and being able to pick a movie without the grunts and complaints from the kids.

I poured  some more wine, rented the movie and settled down under a blanket.  The house was blissfully quiet and we were left with our own thoughts.  There was no sudden requests for food or us having to drive one of them somewhere.  There were no loud music or any arguments about the speed of the WiFi because Princess is streaming again.  There was just silence… Peace and quiet…

And needless to say we both fell asleep and never saw the end of the movie.

We had fun on date night even if it wasn’t anything like the dream we had.  It was still a celebration.  Albeit an imperfect one because for it to be perfect, we required two additional things…those damn kids.

Love ya’ll.


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