God’s screensaver, best viewed outside.

 I couldn’t resist.

Remember the time when screensavers were really important in daily conversation and countless hours were wasted getting the settings just right?  A wondrous, devious little distraction from whatever we were really suppose to do at the time, i.e work.  I’m using a memory reference, for the same hours are spilled these days browsing YouTube and Facebook.  For work reasons, obviously.

So there is very little idle time on our screens these days.  And if some idle time does come our way, well just cycle a few family pics on the screen, why don’t you.

Back in the day, of screensavers that is, I’ve always maintained that the most inspirational screensaver actually happens around us constantly.  Just look up at the sky, with ever changing clouds and a hundred shades of blue, there is a consistent display of how awesome creation actually is.

But it’s those times when the sun says hello and goodbye that makes the sky truly spectacular.  Mixing magenta’s and red’s and oranges and ambers and yellows into colours no artist would ever be able to replicate perfectly.  It’s then when God’s screensaver really captivates us.  The times when it sheds inspiration and stirs our soul.  The few times when it forces a smile on everyone, even the Grinch.  *spoiler alert* The green guy who stole Christmas, only to give it back.

Driving back home this morning, I was greeted with this mind-blowing sunrise and almost caused an accident with an impulsive U-turn.  In my defence, I was trying to find an open field where I could capture most of the scene, with my phone.

And then I thought, I would share it with everyone.

Hello World!

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