Relax. It’s just a joke! Or is it?

Humor is a funny thing.  Even though most people enjoy a good laugh, different people laugh at different things.  Different strokes for different oaks. Some crack up at slapstick.  Others enjoy one-liners.  There are physical comedy, situational comedy, ventriloquists, stand-up acts, song parodies, humour blogs and the list goes on and on and on.  Some sickos even lose their shit when they see a friend/stranger/parent hurt themselves in a spectacular way.

I came across this video and was laughing hysterically and decided to share it with all my lovely readers, not only because I get off when I make people laugh, but also because I found it extremely interesting.  Check it out and you might understand why…

So this is funny, right?  Or do you feel kind of awkward laughing at comedians with disabilities making fun of themselves.  Is this offensive material to some of you?

I once tweeted about not having the need to take anti-depressants because I’d rather exercise. A woman replied a few days later and lashed out at my irresponsible tweet for implying that people who are suicidal can solve their problems by just going for a quick training session.

WHAT?  It’s obviously not what I meant.  I thought #stress made that very clear.  In the end I just left it hanging in the Twitterverse.  I didn’t feel the need to react.  But did I miss something?  What do you think?

Humor can be very offensive.  Comments too.  There are blogs that exist only to offend. Writers are like Spiderman.  Our great power to say what we want implies an even greater responsibility. But we have to accept that offensive material will exist as long as individuals have the freedom to write and post, merely because like humor, we all dislike different things.  Different things rub people in different ways. We are prone to sensitivity on specific subject matter due to our own experiences and belief systems.  It’s not necessarily wrong. (Unless you’re a fan of Kanye, that’s very wrong.)

But does that mean we should stop writing whatever we want just because it might offend someone, somewhere? Should we be more sensitive to our audience?  Or does that mean we should stop reading material we find offensive? And if we decide to eliminate certain subject matter and stick with things that makes us feel warm and fuzzy inside, how do we broaden our minds? Shift our paradigms?  How do we challenge our own views and opinions?  Won’t we miss out on the flip side of the coin?  Only get half the story?

Don’t know. Just pondering…like Pinkie and the Brain.

16 thoughts on “Relax. It’s just a joke! Or is it?

  1. Drew Lynch was incredible. I saw all his performances on the show and he made it to the final 3. My favorite of his was he was talking about discipling kids.`I`m going to count to 3″ and his kids would say “Oh, we’ve got lots of time”. Comedy can be tough. What’s funny to one won’t be to another. My kids LOVE slapstick. If someone is running into stuff, falling down stairs, they are laughing their heads off. And so am I. But I like “intellectual” humor as well. A good punch line, sarcasm, etc…

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    • I was laughing and simply amazed at his ability to find humour in his situation. For me that is inspirational and not offensive at all…but I have burned my fingers with my particular brand of what I think is funny…

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      • Comedy can be tough for that reason. People can be so sensitive. I’m kind of a slut for comedy (so offense to the sluts or anything) because I’ll laugh at anything 🙂


  2. I know what you mean. There is all this weird fuzzy around humor.

    I feel like humor is given an out sometimes. If something makes us laugh it is exempted from normal social protocol. The most clear example of this is the practical joke which essentially a deliberate attempt to be mean to someone because its funny. You trip them, they fall and people laugh. Its considered OK because it was funny. Why do we think that being mean is OK if its funny?

    The same is true for a lot of bits. Conan does a bit where he’s harassing his office staff for something or another. Its often funny. But take another look and he’s essentially a bullying asshole. Its funny so we don’t consider him a bully – but really? But why is funny the exemption?

    Its very strange and I kind of lean toward the idea of changing our cultural norm away from making laughter being the “get out of jail free” card. But I also don’t want to make us into a world of people who can’t laugh at the absurd. And if we start policing the comedy like that I fear we lose our culture of laughter… It’s not a simple.

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  3. So many things to cover… I think you also have a point by saying that you workout in order to feel better. It might also give someone an idea how to deal with it. When we write we write about our opinion of things. That might not be the opinion of everyone else. I believe that as long we don’t preach and tell people what they have to do or believe, it’s all okay. After all it’s only our opinion.
    There is indeed a fine line and it of course can be crossed pretty easily in comedy. I think someone who got raped makes jokes about it it’s different than if someone who has no clue about it would. Same with disability or diseases. If you get offended by it, don’t watch or listen. But of course that’s only my point of view. We all have a choice. I think the clip you shared is pretty cool.


  4. Humour is a funny thing. It’s a fine line. But if the person in question is able to laugh at him/herself and still be able to make people laugh with him/her like what you shared in the clip, they are already giving permission. They were all pretty funny.

    Your questions make for a good pondering. We were looking for other videos with Drew Lynch and found one with his story behind the stutter – a humbling one. His stand-ups were pretty funny, though.

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